Travelling teacher is an experience of Self precarious balance

I am surprised how many times I reinvented myself while traveling! My last trip around italian Lakes put my self in a precarious balance, while changing my itinerary I had sudden changes of state of mind. So after a while I took a spirited decision: no matter what is the reason of my trip, “I am traveling” to discover myself.
Somebody could tour with an intent as study, duty or dutyless, and even change in the meanwhile. Someone else (or not)  could go on tour without any plan and wandering (“andare in giro” means no where, no when and no why declared). Does it make sense to those who plan every details of their trip? For those the meaning could be a total unforseen trip. If I had to choose I would be in the category of travelers who plan but my last experience was the opposite. From my trip planner including review sites, friends talks to travel for traveling. My mobile internet device OFF, the unforseen becomes the only way. In any trip something surprising happen, I would say fortunatly.
Let me tell you I enjoyed to drift along, to be driven by genius loco, or even by local features, which means to me to free my great soul to observe and interpret a location, let me say to full a location as far as empty it could be. In the end I decide how to perform not only for what I understand, but also from my great heart and sudden state of mind.

e tu in che stato d anima sei oggi? What is your mood of the day?Benedetta Spada

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